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BioCell Anti-Aging Vaccine

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What is the BioCell Anti-Aging Vaccine?

Human Ultracell from the Swiss laboratory Biocell, is an intramuscular injection of pluripotent stem cells, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that help improve cell function. This injection reinforces the immune system, gives energy and vitality to cells, and regulates hormonal function.

-What are the benefits of the Anti-Aging Vaccine treatment?

There are multiple benefits to this anti-age vaccine: it improves skin elasticity, decreases flaccidity, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens the immune system, cognitive, cardiac, and pulmonary functions, improves sex life, among others.

Who can undergo the BioCell Anti-Aging Vaccine treatment?

Men and women over 30 years of age.

How often is it recommended to apply the BioCell Anti-Aging Vaccine?

30 and 45 years (annual application)

46 and 60 years (every 6 months)

Over 60 years (one application every 4 months)

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