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What is an electromagnetic treatment?

It is a technology that allows a completely non-invasive and safe body remodeling treatment (EMDEF). It is optimized for muscle training without damaging any surrounding tissue by forcing the muscle to perform exercise. The treated muscle receives an extreme workload as if it were intensive training. This procedure makes it easier for your body to achieve the desired effects on your muscles and burn fat faster than with any traditional exercise.

What is DEFINEX?

It is an electromagnetic device that helps improve body composition by influencing fat burning and muscle building through continuous intense contractions. Additionally, it allows definition of the abdomen and lifted glutes.

Who can undergo the treatment with DEFINEX?

Men and women over 18 years of age who want to improve their body composition and improve their muscle’s appearance. It is also for athletes who want to improve their muscle mass by increasing their performance and resistance in the sports.

In which areas can DEFINEX be used?

DEFINEX can be used on: abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms

To take into account: this treatment cannot be used on the chest or back.

Pelvic floor protocol:

DEFINEX also helps us to improve the quality of the pelvic floor in men and women, managing to improve pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and sexual life.

Results of our Definex treatment:

  • Shapes the body

  • Defines muscles and tones them

  • Muscle recovers and remodels

  • Localized fat burning


DEFINEX cannot be used:

  • On electronic or metallic devices.

  • Hernias or anatomical alterations that must be previously evaluated by the doctor.

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